Recommended cost - effective diving watch Longines

The reason why the Longines in the Chinese market to sell fast, cost-effective is a very important factor, the same level of Swiss brands are generally higher than the price of Longines. Such as diving watch class, most of the mid-range brands have their own diving watch series, such as the Dory series when Hao Li, TAG Heuer dive series, Montblanc old sports diving replica watches, from the pricing point of view, although some of Longines process or movement Level slightly lower than other brands, but its pricing and market visibility relative to other brands higher, Kang Kasi series was once considered the most cost-effective watch Longines, although I think that exaggerated, but also reflects the Longines Comcast in the medium The location of the end user. L3.641.4.96.6 this diving table is a very typical example, 633 movement originated in the ETA2824-2 movement, accurate and stable travel time, although the movement level is not high, and because diving tables are not thoroughly, so 633 movement Not too much decoration polished, but for consumers, this is a veritable Swiss core. ETA movement in recent years, prices rise, many domestic brands to buy through the ETA movement to imitate, the final performance of the product can not compliment, absolutely not as good quality of origin. Kang Kasi diving watch the general price in 1wRMB around the time of purchase even if you get the discount is very low, it should not be less than 7,000 yuan, if less than 7,000 you would be very cautious, because the imitation ETA2824 Longines diving uk replica watches It is too much, are basically fake, consumers are difficult to distinguish, must not be petty losses. In addition to buy Comcast dive table, I still recommend if you can buy L3.641.4.96.6 this old paragraph or secure choice of the old section, the new diving outer ring into the aluminum, the user reflects very easy to scratch, aluminum The outer ring in any case not as good as steel to the operation. The watch also has some people can Tucao place, of course, any watch on the market are worth Tucao place, we said here Tucao is the brand can completely re-price situation for the higher places , L3.641.4.96.6 case and watchband work problems, or even worse than the recent fire of the Seiko dive table prospex SRPA21J1, the case surface is a small polishing surface with a smooth drawing surface - the two rounded transition , The diving outer ring of the tooth groove is also relatively more sophisticated treatment, along with a dual calendar display, each section of the bracelet is a mixed drawing and polished + arc angle. These are the shortcomings of Longines Comcast. But L3.641.4.96.6 of the screw-in crown with two measured bridge, to prevent underwater mistakenly touch, the size of the case is more suitable for the Chinese people the size of the thin wrist. From the appearance, the blue dial and blue diving outer L3.641.4.96.6 more suitable than the black Longines temperament, after all, diving rolex replica uk non-formal type, do not need black and white, right? Especially in the summer to wear more, with a luminous blue disc is even more eye-catching, looks more dynamic. 9600 yuan for the price of the entry just the Swiss watch, after all, who is not picked up the money, in general, Longines Kangkasi excellent quality, no big gimmick no big flaws, are moderate cost-effective class, Into the working class, highlighting the taste without losing the movement of the wind. If Kang Kasi in the price on the basis of the same can pay more attention to details of the process, I believe will be an important entry-level Swiss diving watch important choice